Hello, I'm Esther.

Iā€™m a product designer at Betterment. I design how money moves in, out, and within our product on the cashflow squad.

Besides work, I like to think about reading. I take photos on my Minolta film camera that I have yet to know the full functions of. I also enjoy putting smiley faces on inanimate objects ☺.

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Designing money movement.
August 2019 ā€”

Vital Circle

Finding a way to use my skills to help others.
March 2020 ā€” August 2020


Redesigning a beloved identity. (And trying to encourage myself to read more.)
Spring 2019

How to Write a Rejection Email

Processing my job rejections through the risograph.
Spring 2019

Spirit Word

Basically professing my love for Naruto.
Spring 2019

Penn Labs

Defining a design system.
Fall 2018