To Be


The contemporary deals with temporariness, time, and speed. It seems like we’re always running around and always on our phones to check social media, even though nothing new has been posted. So, what does it mean to be still? To counteract the distracted busy life and reliance on social media to visually stimulate us, this project is a series of short videos meant to be viewed on your phone or desktop. They evoke contemplation and meditation with the blurred photos and slow animation of letters. In the minute of each word and image, the viewer is to be immersed into this blurred world of slow moving colors and calm down, to just be.


Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Garamond Pro


I chose photos that evoked a calm mood. (All photos were taken by me!)


I chose words that sound beautiful and soothing, courtesy of Buzzfeed. I set them in Adobe Garamond Pro to give off a natural and soft feeling in relation to the backgrounds.

Compilation of Clips (Mobile)

The photos were blurred and the words were animated in After Effects.

To Be

The final documentation was created and compiled in Adobe Premiere.