Texting In Class


In my Digital Design course, we were tasked with creating a wearable product with personal data. I chose to collect data from number of texts I sent and the amount of hours in class over a week and a half.


Processing, Adobe Illustrator


I used shades of blue-gray to reflect the cold Philadelphia winter and the text bubbles in iMessage. I used a tint of green to represent the digital age of texting.


This is the data of number of texts and hours in class or work. I learned that I text a lot.


The processing code output triangles for number of texts and rectangles for the hours in class. The larger the number of texts or hours, the larger the width of the shape.

Processing Output


I took the Processing output into Illustrator to create a pattern out of the triangles and rectangles. I placed the triangles together and manipulated the edges to make them fit better together. The smaller rectangles that represented less time in class were put in the large triangles that represented more texts.

Final Product

The design was printed twice on 42in by 20in heavy weight paper. Each rectangle was cut out. The two parts were adhered together to make one long paper scarf. Safe to say, it was still cold against the Philadelphia winter.